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Out of curiosity and interest in offering innovation without frontiers, out of the ordinary in Health Information Technology, a group of scholars integrating health and technology devised a methodology capable of fulfilling society’s aspirations for efficiency in health care, regardless of their location and how difficult and hostile they are.

We are the result of more than 14 years of work in Health Information Technology. There are already 4 patents, several successful projects, awards and thousands of exams performed!​

Areas of expertise

We are a diversified company that operates in several areas, including health, oil and gas, education, public safety, mobile units and consulting. Our aim is to provide quality services in all of these areas, helping our customers achieve their goals and improve their operations.

Our technologies impact lives

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Exams per year performed only in Amazonas
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Medical evaluations of mammography per year in Amazonas only
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Surgeries performed because of Diagnext per year in Amazonas alone
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Exams per month in the Mobile Health Units
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Faster in transmitting information than traditional models
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Data compression capability
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Years of Experience
Registred Patents
International Awards!

Thus, everyone’s knowledge was essential both in the development of systems and processes and in the quality of the service provided, regardless of the existing means of communication; and strictly complying with national and international standards.

This constitutes a set of technologies, innovations and processes, aimed at management, automation and, primarily, efficiency in health care and operation.